Saturday, August 4, 2012

City Tour Continued

This is the continuation of the previous post. These pictures were taken on the same day as the last post.

Here we have exited from the New gate. We are heading towards Dormition Abbey.

Look for the windmill near the center of the picture this is the location of the first neighborhood to be built outside the Old city walls.

A close up of the first neighborhood outside the walls.

A look at the Old city walls from outside the city.

Dormition Abbey up close. You have seen this church before from my night tour of the city pictures.

I am now on the roof of the building where one of the traditional sites of the Last Supper is. There next few pictures are me turning in every direction and taking a picture.

I don't really know what I'm looking at here.

Looking at the Mount of Olives.

Looking straight down at an old Muslim cemetery.

The history of this area of the city is complicated. This building used to be a synagogue then a mosque and a church in its history. The location of the Last Supper is here and nearby is the location of the Tomb of David. I can't show you the Tomb of David because its in a location only open to men.

In the room of the Last Supper. It was cold that day and this little guy was sitting on one of the floor lights for warmth.

The room itself. As you can see from the architecture of this building it was not around during the time of Jesus. But this is one of two suggested sites of the Last Supper.

This is a qiblah of a mosque. It marks the direction of Mecca so muslims know which direction to pray to.

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write up this post but as always school has to come first. I am taking Summer classes while finishing up papers from this past year's courses. There will eventually be a part three to this tour to show my visit to the Garden Tomb.