Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Not So Secret Garden

Way back in one of my first posts I told you about the Botanical Garden on campus. I have now had more time to explore it. I don't know anything about the plants in these pictures. So this post won't be as detailed as the others. I was just taking pictures for artistic value. I hope you enjoy them.

This is the most interesting plant I've discovered in the garden. It's fuzzy to the touch.

This is my second favorite plant in the garden. I think it's some kind of cactus. I like the color.

These are more tombs hidden in the garden. I'm not sure if the ossuaries are still inside or not.

The sign on this structure is unfortunately in Hebrew so I don't know what this is or how old it is but it looks cool.

A sitting area towards the end of the garden.

And this is the amazing view from the sitting area. Once the weather cools down a bit this would be a good place to study.

A shady pathway with a stone bridge.

This waterfall is on the left side of the stone bridge.

The pond on the other side of the bridge. Lots of students sit on the bench and throw bread at the fish.

One of the many pathways.

Another pathway through the garden.

This one was taken back at the dorm I've been trying to get a picture of these birds forever but they are usually camera shy. I got this one in the morning, I think it was from the kitchen window. These are crows they are gray and black instead of just black. There calls are louder and far more annoying than the crows at home.

From the last post:
I took the last post title from the movie Ice Age 2: The meltdown, specifically its from the song the vultures sing. Those were some good guesses though. In the last post I forgot to list tahini one of the major ingredients of hummus, its made from sesame seeds.

Uncle Joe- Falafel I linked to the wikipedia entry which tells you how to pronounce it. All the food packaging here says its kosher. You never just assume something is kosher.

Mom- The goat yogurt is in a drink bottle but you eat it with a spoon. Yogurt here is thin and more liquid like than in the states.

Nikki-Anything that has to be refrigerated we buy towards the end of our trip to the market. We took a cab to the market and I think it took around 15-20 minutes to get there depending on the traffic. In the future we are going to figure out how to take the city bus there. I would call our fridge medium sized. There are three of us in the apartment and we each have our own shelf then the very bottom shelf we share. So far we have had room for everything.


  1. That spot you're calling a sitting area looks like a little amphitheater. It's got seating, a stage and spars for an awning even. Makes me wonder if they ever stage productions or classes/lectures there. Maybe not since students'd be too distracted by the view to even listen to a lecture in that sort of setting. Gorgeous!

    You mentioned sitting and reading when it got "cooler". Does it ever get cooler? It looks scarily hot to me.

    On that song from the previous post. It's sad that you poor, benighted youngsters lose track of cultural history so easily. Though that may be the only place you've heard the song and one of your other subscribers gave the same answer, even the Wiki entry on IA2 acknowledges that that song came from Oliver!. Oliver! won multiple awards as a stage play and then 6 academy awards when it was made into a movie. But that was before you were born so it might as well have been on another planet to anyone younger than 40, I guess. Fagin and the Dodger lived in vain. BTW - it was pretty good for a musical if you ever want to give it a view.

  2. The way you laid out your beautiful pictures and the descriptions made me feel like I'm in the not so secret garden with you. With such a magnificent view of centuries of history from the sitting area at the top of the garden who could read or study. The plant with the fuzzy yellow or gold flowers sticking up from the base looks like candy drops. Could you find out the name of the plant for me. I always enjoy your blog and look forward to more.


  3. It's so pretty and tranquil. What a lovely place for you to have to go. Is it usually quiet there or do a lot of people spend time there?