Thursday, May 26, 2011

May Flowers Part II

The weather here has been pretty nice this week. On a few days we've had a preview of Summer heat, it has reached 80 degrees. It doesn't really affect me since most days I'm in school before the temperature reaches the high for the day and I leave school after it has cooled down a bit.

The next few weeks are going to be busy as the Spring semester winds down. Lots of projects and reading assignments to finish up and of course studying for exams.

I love all the flowers in the garden. When I have time between classes I like going out and wondering in the garden. I'm always finding a new plant that I haven't noticed before. I thought the plant to the right was interesting enough to take a zoomed in picture. I like the shade of yellow on these flowers. Unfortunately this plant makes me sneeze. Even here in Israel I have seasonal allergies.

This picture is from this past Tuesday when Claire and I had lunch in the garden. The view wasn't as hazy as it has been in my earlier pictures.

If you remember from earlier posts the botanical garden has sections that represent the plants from different areas of Israel. I don't think I've posted too many pictures of the desert section. So I took this one, the desert section isn't as pretty as the others. The red spot in the background is one of the people who works in the garden. They are constantly working in the garden. It takes a lot of work to keep all the plants from the varied climates alive.

Now for a little change of pace I've been a little homesick lately. So I decided to self medicate with food. :) The grocery store recently started to stock Doritos corn chips again. I love chips and salsa but I don't have time to make my own salsa. The container next to the chips contains Turkey Salad. Claire was the one that originally found it and told me about it. It is basically salsa it has tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers that add a little kick to it,and various spices. I have no idea why it's called Turkey Salad. It's not from Turkey and it doesn't have turkey in it. Despite the strange name it tastes great. They were training new cashiers this week. The trainee rang up all of my purchases and I had already bagged them up when she hit the wrong button and had to rescan everything. She had already taken a long time to scan in the first place because she was still learning where all the bar codes were, the loaf of bread took forever because it wouldn't scan. Thankfully the trainer rescanned everything very quickly and apologized. I didn't have anywhere I needed to be so I didn't really mind I just thought it was funny. I made some dumb mistakes when learning to work a register.

We take turns buying to toilet paper in our apartment and this week it was my turn. You are looking at a package of 48 rolls of toilet paper. Families here are bigger than in the United States. I think the smallest package of toilet paper you can buy here is 24 rolls. I've seen packages with 96 rolls. The case of toilet paper has its own carrying handle on top. As I've mentioned before most people walk to the grocery store here so they carry everything back. This brand of toilet paper is usually cheaper than the others and comes with the added bonus of red hearts on it. There is another brand that is more expensive that has the outlines of puppies on it. The fun comes when you exit the store and walk down the street towards the student village. You pass by a few cafes that have outdoor seating. People look when a single person is carrying a package of 48 rolls of toilet paper. They probably think I have some horrible disease. Or maybe its just me feeling self conscious about carrying that much toilet paper at once maybe they weren't really looking. But buying the larger package saves having to make more frequent trips to the store.

This picture is actually from earlier today. Claire pointed this sign out to me and I had to take a picture. This is outside the cafeteria at Rothberg. The Mechina program is hosting an event called Lip Dub. Our best guess is this might be karaoke but we're not sure. 

From the last posts:
Uncle Joe- I forget which plants I've already posted pictures out so I might have posted that tree before. I can't comment on the word play in the New Testament as I can't read Greek. In my Biblical Hebrew class we are currently looking at Amos there is some clever word play.


  1. Googled the "Turkey Salad" and found it ususally called "Turkish Salad" or "Choban Salad". Lot of different recipes but they look like and have the same ingredients as salsa except for having garlic. Looks like a worthwhile substitute.

    The TP is weird with the combination of Hebrew and English looking lettering. "Molett" means something dainty in some language no doubt.

    Lip dubbing is making a lip synch video. You record a bunch of people listening to a music track and singing along. Then you record the music track back on top of the video. That gets you a pretty decent lip synch of a lot of people that can't sing doing a pretty good job. Sounds like fun. Maybe you and Claire could do "Hava Nagila" and send it back to us. It'd be a hoot. (Do they actually sing Hava Nagila in Israel?)

    Ciao and chow and chowchow.

    Much love to you and all the other pretty flowers.

  2. Loved the contrast of the first dainty flower against the rock and how the petals appeared wrinkled. On first glance the yellow flower looks like it has many petals fallen off until I zoomed in. Some days it's nice to get a food fix from back home in Texas. I didn't realize the botanical gardens had a desert section. I always enjoy hearing about your shopping experiences and the differences from back home.


  3. It's nice that you were able to get a landscape picture without the haze in the sky. Very pretty! I think it's great that you make it a habit to get out and spend time in nature. Is the garden usually busy or is it hit and miss? Lot's of questions for you: Have you found any flowers that have a nice scent to them? Is there a flower that would be considered a 'State Flower' there? In the picture of the desert garden, what is the tower in the background? Do the Doritos taste different than the ones in the States?
    Thanks again for sharing your experiences with us. Stay safe, sweet girl!