Saturday, September 3, 2011

Laundry Day

Okay so this post isn't going to be nearly as exciting as my last post. I do my laundry about every two weeks. The laundry facilities in the Student Village are only in Building 2 which is the family building. As in most colleges people mainly do laundry on the weekends. So if you have time you can do yours quickly during the week and you won't have to wait for an open machine. Friday is the busiest day for the laundry room. Observant Jews keep the Sabbath (Shabbat) meaning they don't do any work on Saturday. There is always a rush of people trying to get laundry done before sunset on Friday which is when the Sabbath officially begins. I try to be respectful of the fact that they can't do laundry on Saturday so that is when I choose to do my laundry. If you can get up early to do laundry I recommend it. I like getting laundry done before most people are awake. So I usually start my laundry sometime between 7am and 8am. If you wait there are sometimes creepy guys in the laundry room that stand there and watch you put your clothes in the machine but they don't say anything to you.

As you can see each washing machine has a number on it. The laundry room only has the smaller European washers. Sometime in the middle of the Spring semester they got rid of the few American sized washing machines. I miss the American sized ones. These machines can take either powdered soap or liquid.

This is how you pay. One load in the washing machine is 10 NIS or about $2.50. One load in the dryer is 9NIS. Put your clothes in the machine first add soap. Then put your money in and select the number of the machine then go back to the machine select what type of load and push to start. This machine is sometimes picky. Sometimes it doesn't want to take bills no matter how straight you make them. Other times it will only take bills. Sometimes it will reject some coins and take others. I've noticed this with the ten shekel coins. If the coin is new sometimes the machine will spit it out a few times before taking it or it will only take the less shiny coins. I have no idea why. Occasionally it will eat one shekel coins and not count it and no amount of pressing coin return will help.

The wall of dryers. Note the colorful banner on top with the machine logo. They added this banner during the Spring semester for some reason.  I should mention that this is the only laundry room in the Student Village which is quite remarkable if you consider how many people live here. There are twelve buildings total. Two of the buildings 11 and 12 have multiple sections 11A,11B,11C. I think on average each building has 6 floors. Each floor has at least three apartments. The Graduate buildings have three rooms in each apartment. The Undergrad dorms have five rooms in each apartment. Then you have to consider the family dorms with multiple children in each family. Just keep this in mind when you are trying to decide when to do your laundry. At Texas A&M there was a laundry room on each floor of the dorm.

And now for a little bit on food. This is Shakshouka. I like to make this on the weekends. I cheat though I use the sauce from a can. I think I'm the only one that buys this sauce from the store because the shelf area is always full each time I go to buy a can. I think this is because this dish is usually made by Grandma and it's insulting to use the can. That is just a guess however.

I've made French toast a few times this Summer as a treat. And that is about the only real cooking I've been doing except for making Spaghetti but I don't really count that.


  1. Looks like laundry day if full of learning opportunities for launguage, Israeli shekels, detergent and machines. Mind you it's been years since I've seen the inside of a laundromat and appreciate having this at home. What a daunting task upon arriving to start school not speaking the Hebrew language. I've never seen a main control panel where all the washing machines and dryers are paid for and operated and not on each machine. I'm curious how long a load of laundry takes to wash or dry. Water is very valuable and the source of much conflict in this region of the world so I figure water usage is monitored.

    You've talked about making Shakshouka on the weekends so it's good to see a picture. This dish looks like eggs poached in a tomato based sauce. Your food tastes are evolving. The french toast looks delicious too. I enjoy reading all of your posts whether it's every day chores, school routines, cultural experiences, trying new foods and adventures.


  2. Good Morning Dear Favorite One,
    I don't know why but I feel the urge to go and put in a wash. :) Those washers look appealing even though they are small size. I don't believe I could have figured out that you had to go to a main control panel to get your machine to work. This is "ALL" very interesting. It is a real eye opener to see how other countries do a washateria. The pictures really help us to understand what your "wash day" is like. Thanks for sharing all of this information.

    This blog can't compete with the cave blog but for this lifelong homemaker it is extremely interesting.

    Now if you will excuse me I think I will go put in a wash and then have some French toast for breakfast. :) I'm not kidding!!

    Much Love,
    Grandma and Grandpa

  3. Which machines are the ones with the special clothes-shredding and burning features you mentioned a post or two back? Noticed the box of Tide. The full res drilldown shows "ABSOLUTE" under the product name. But I don't see any Hebrew. Did you get it locally? Also see you are using folding tables but don't see any steam presses. Do you iron in your room on the bed or something?

    The link on the Shakshouka shows it to be an Israeli version of huevos rancheros. I've liked eating that as long as I close my eyes while doing so. It's one of the more visually disgusting foods that I've ever liked. If you want to get away from the canned sauce (probably high in sodium) you could get some of that Turkish salad you showed a while back. I've seen recipes for huevos rancheros that had you do a little reduction on fresh salsa. Since that's nearly what the turkish salad is, it might give you an opportunity for some variety. Bon appetit.