Friday, March 2, 2012


Hello everyone. I know it's been forever since I posted. The fall semester is finished and the Spring semester starts this coming Sunday. The last three weeks were my winter break. Instead of going home this year I decided to stay here in Jerusalem. I spent these three weeks volunteering at an archaeological dig here in the city. I will be posting about that experience soon.

Today's post is a little more breaking news. Today it's snowing in Jerusalem. Here is an article in the Jerusalem post. The snow is a big deal here since it hasn't snowed the last several years. And since I'm from Texas I don't see snow too often either.

I woke up this morning around 8am and this is what I saw outside the kitchen window. It doesn't look too terribly impressive but I was excited to see it. When I went to the grocery store around 9am it had started to snow harder. The grocery store was busier than it would normally be this early on a Friday morning. After putting away my groceries I got my camera and went for a walk.

This is a view from the opposite side of my building. Normally you can see the Dome of the Rock from here but the snow is obscuring the view.

This picture gives you an idea of the size of the snowflakes.

There were a lot of smiling people out this morning. Here some students made a snowman. I was only intending to circle around the student village and then go back inside. But I decided to stop by the mail room and I had a package slip. So I decided to see if the post office was open. Plus it was an opportunity for more pictures.

Here I've gone up past the grocery store and turned right and then left.

A look back and the dorms I just came from.

Snow covered houses. When I arrived at the post office a guy standing outside told me it was close. As I started to walk away he asked me what I needed from the post office. I told him I wanted to pick up a package. He said he could get it for me so I gave him my package slip and received my package. On my walk back home the sun came out and the sky cleared up a bit. Several snow plows passed by I think I saw six total on the entire walk.

Back in the student village standing almost in the same place as the earlier picture you can now see the Dome of the Rock. The sky has since clouded over again but now it is just raining. Oh well the snow was fun while it lasted.


  1. Wow what cool pictures of your walk in the snow. You can actually see the snow falling. We seem to be having unusual weather where ever you live this year. I'm impressed by the student's snowman. I can sense their joy at this unexpected anow occurance. The snow and overcast sky sure did clear out quickly. Glad you recieved your package from the post office. The man had a heart offering to get it for you. Thanks for sharing your snow walk with us.


  2. Wow !!!! What wonderful pictures of the snow. There is much more snow than I would have expected. The picture of the snow man was especially nice. It was very interesting to see the route that you took to the post office and the snow made it all the more interesting. You were lucky to have gotten all of these pictures before the rain.

    Grandma and Grandpa