Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday Celebrations

Last night Claire had a small get together planned for my birthday! Underneath the English letters is Happy Birthday in Hebrew.

Claire managed to find a gluten free cake mix for me. She added six sparkle candles to the cake not the full number because we didn't want to set off the smoke detector. They were trick candles and it took me three minutes to blow them all out.

Here we have the card and chocolate bar that Anna K gave me. Notice the all important cow on the wrapper.

Sonja and Yujin brought me flowers and a pomegranate.
They hand made a card for me.

Claire also helped add to the collection of cows with Cow capsule stickers! They are made in Korea but the sayings on them are in English. Most of what they say doesn't make any sense. Each sticker has a little cow or something with cow spots on it that moves around in the sticker. My favorite one says Happy Virus! I don't think they had anyone check the English before making them. Cow capsules gotta collect 'em all!
My birthday party was unique I got the Happy Birthday song in 10 different languages: English, Hebrew, Finish, Korean,Russian, German, French, Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese. That is one of the benefits of going to an International school!
Uncle Joe- Yes my quote was from Mulan. It wasn't coffee it was actually English Breakfast tea. I haven't been to any of the antiquities shops yet but I did hear about them when I took Biblical Archaeology. I think the pomegranate you are referring to was later declared to be a fraud.
Nikki-You peel the eggplant then soak it in water for three minutes, take it out and dice it. Then put the diced eggplant back in the water to soak for another two to three minutes before sauteing.
Jennifer-I'll mark the date on my calendar. ^-^


  1. I'm so glad your friends made your day so special. I'm not surprised though because it's awfully easy to love you!

    Thanks for the directions on the eggplant. I'm actually going to give it a try. I've never really had much eggplant before so it will be an adventure. You inspire me in so many ways!

  2. What a wonderful way your roommate Claire and friends helped celebrate your birthday. Having Happy birthday sung to you in ten different languages doesn't happen very often. I enjoyed seeing the gluten-free cake, flowers, cards, chocolate and cow stickers. Considering the intense Hebrew language course load all of you are taking this was no small feat to accomplish. What a wonderful gesture from your friends.


  3. Many happy returns of the day! You know you're really respected and loved by your peers when they go to the trouble of making you look like a fool blowing out your candles. :)

    Have a happy, happy day! Even if I'm late. Have so much happy that you friends start to wonder what you've been putting in that tea.